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Artists Marketplace Website Build

I was approached and asked if I could build a marketplace website for artists, my client was frustrated by how much comission art websites take so they wanted to build a marketplace that would be free for some time and then a small comission taken when a piece of art is sold, they wanted each artist to have their own store, set their own prices and carriage.

So I done some research on exisitng marketplaces and what was required, came up with a plan and presented to my client.

I supplied a complete website, marketplace, SSL cert, hosting and maintenance.

My client is happy and has their own marketplace where they can sell there own art and artists can create their own store.


Community Website build

New Malden Residents Association approached us for an updated website, they wanted something that was easy to use something which can be upated on a regular basis and have the ability to make it how they want it.

We decided to use wordpress on this occasion for the website as this is  like using a word processor and easy to use, lots of addons should they be required.

For a community website we felt this was the best option to go with due to the ease of use, contributors can be set up easily and the amount of addons you can get on the platform.

You can check this out HERE.

If we can help you in any way please get in touch.