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App Design

Mobile App Design

Bring your mobile app to life to deliver an exceptional experience. 
Whether it be a game idea, application or Augmented Reality (AR)

Prices are from as little as £125.00 for a catalogue app and will be deployed onto the IOS and Android market places.  It is essential that we understand exactly what you require from your app so we take time to work with you, to ensure the success of your app. 

I will create a mock app and at each milestone this will be signed off once we have approval form yourself. All apps go through a testing phase to ensure all elemnts of the app are working as they should do.

Once you are happy with the app we can pass the files to yourself to deploy or we can on your account. Not only can we deploy to the marketplaces but we can also create the app for your website via HTML 5.   

Apps are coded in C# and HTML5 some with external data files in JSON, XML or even a basic TXT file. We take pride in ensuring the User Experience (UX) is second to non.  

At Solent Web and App Design I can work on projects from start-ups to global companies and look forward to working with you on your project. 

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