Why Pay Monthly Website


Why Pay Monthly Website

So as the title suggests Why Pay Monthly Website?

Well if you run a business I can only imagine that you don’t want the extra hassle of your evnening updating your website, all you’ll want to do is rest have a cuppa and go off to bed.

That’s were I come in. A pay monthly website is just that. Pay a montly subscription and let me do this side of the job for you.

Just £25.00 per month give you freedom knowing your website is kept up to date, always have a back up, photos uploaded from your jobs, your prospects can see what you have been up to and willing to give you the work.

To begin with we’ll dicuss your domain name and make sure it is available, then I’ll design a template of your website for you to approve once that is done I’ll set about coding it and getting it online in a timely manor. If you need any changes all you need to do is contact me with what you want.

With £25.00 you will get the standard website which includes front page, About Us page, contact form and portfolio. If you require an ecommerce site this will need to be discussed.



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